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In this page is presented a complex task for engine. You can find here three main tasks. You can go stright to the tasks or You can solve the complex task (Template for the compex task (compustion engine); Template for the compex task (hybrid and electric engines))

D-EN Engine Diagnostics

M-EN Engine Maintenance

R-EN Engine Repair

Perform the complex task for engine:

  1. Fulfill the technology card according to instructions  given by teacher or tutor
  2. Do the diagnostics, maintenance and repair according to the instructions
  3. Record your work process according to instructions

The detailed description of the task:

  1. Explain his/her work
  2. Found out the necessary information for applicable rules of safety and labor environment
  3. Organize the working place
  4. Get the right information
  5. Choose appropiate tools and diagnostics, maintenance and repair technology
  6. Follow the rules according to work palacement (behave propely with her/his colleagues)
  7. Performe a diagnostics of cars:
    D-EN. Engine and associated systems (cooling and lubrication systems) diagnostics
    M-EN. Engine Maintenance
    R-EN. Engine Repair
  1. Working environmentally consciously and using principles of suistainable development
  2. Economical view of working
  3. Knowledges of technological development and innovation (electric cars, engines technology, control systems, alternative fuels, transmission and fuel cell technology)
  4. Professional communication (knowledges of varios forms and methods, including information retrieval and professional communication in Englis)

Template for the complex task (compustion engine)

Template for the complex task (hybrid and electric engines)

Solving the task You must follow also:

Vehicle technician basic studies

Recurring learning outcomes


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