Based on the project’s objectives, work plan and time table the expected results are:

Outcome 1 – Compared learning outcomes and evaluation criteria for 7 units in construction and vehicle curricula for ECVET between partners in EE, CR, DE, ES, DK and LT.

The results will be 7 ECVET-based units and assessment forms with criteria for construction and 7 for vehicle in 6 EU languages. These will be used by VET schools and companies, by teachers, company tutors, students and mobility coordinators in all partner countries. These units (Results 1-7 for construction and Results 8-14 for vehicle) and assessment forms (Results 15-21 for construction and Results 22-28 for vehicle) will be available on project web.

Outcome 2 and Outcome 3 – Complex problem-based exercises – based on learning outcomes (LO) in modules (units) of curricula.

Project partners will develop vocation-specific multi-task exercises according to the units described in the project. At least 1 exercise per unit (Results 29-35 for construction and Results 36-42 for vehicle). These exercises will be designed with aim to cover so many LOs from the unit as possible. These exercises may consist of several tasks, their purpose is to enable the assessment of several LOs with one complex exercise.  These tasks will be also usable individually. They will include ICT elements or use of ICT tools.

R 43 – feedback of external evaluator of training exercises. As giving feedback is ongoing process, the report of feedback will have different statements which may change on time-line.

R 44 – Summary report of feedback from end-users of training exercises (students, teachers, WBL tutors) and improvement activities taken.

R 45 – a web-based and paper-based leaflet will be produced to introduce the results of the project to stakeholders and other VET schools.

EQVET project is funded by:
EQVET project will continue the work of the STEVTA project (2012-2014) in the fields of construction and vehicle