We have chosen the portfolio-method for assessing the performance of complex exercises.

The portfolio should consist of following components:

  1. Technology card
    1. 1. Description of task (the particular task will be given by teacher)
    1.2. Sequence of activities; tools; calculation and planning of time
    1.3. Description and calculation of material according to the sequence of tasks
    1.4. Security and safety
    1.5. Description of undirect costs (renting special tools or equipment, water and electricity, scaffolds etc); sorting of waste
  2. Recording of work process of practical task e.g. log-book, diary, blog, evidence (time evidence, list of activities, photos, drawings, videos etc)
  3. Presentation of portfolio (incl self-evaluation and conclusions)
  4. Assessment, feedback by teacher/tutor, conclusion

Template for portfolio

For performing the task please follow the steps:


Tasks for every speciality are presented in separate sub-pages:

Drywall mounting
Concrete works

The complexity of tasks consists of:

1) simultaneous assessment of professional competences and key competences;

2) using the same tasks (working objects) in evaluating the competences of several specialties (for example, the wall erected in the task of masonry can be used for tiling, plastering and painting works, etc.).
This table contains the use of work objects (drawings) in different tasks:

Compatibility of tasks Mason task 1 Mason task 2 Mason task 3 Plasterer task 1 Plasterer task 2 Tiler task 1 Tiler task 2 Tiler task 3 Tiler task 4 Tiler task 5 Tiler task 6
Mason task 1 x x
Mason task 2 x x
Mason task 3 x x
Plasterer task 1  x x
Plasterer task 2 x x
Tiler task 1  x  x
Tiler task 2  x x
Tiler task 3 x x
Tiler task 4 x x
Tiler task 5 x
Tiler task 6 x

Recording the work

There are several ways for recording your work. It depends on the systems and digital platforms used in your school, the agreements with your teacher or tutor etc. You can use, etc which are free sites for creating your own website, blog or store.

Here you can find a QR-code, which can be printed and put on the wall in your workshop. This QR-code opens the main page of Construction tasks in EQVET project webpage.


The instructions HOW TO WORK WITH PDF-3D FILES

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EQVET project will continue the work of the STEVTA project (2012-2014) in the fields of construction and vehicle